Part II: Our Journey

2 thoughts on “Part II: Our Journey”

  1. Jules,
    Congratulations! from an ole miner of 78 who got his start in grade school getting interested in “rocks”. That interest took the ole guy all over the world practicing his profession and his interest in the mineral industry. His daughter was even born in Guiana because of his interest in “rocks”.

    It’s good that you have written a book for grade school children to expose them – and hopefully instill a life long interest in “rocks” and our mineral industry as my grade school interest did for me!

    Karen and I look forward to meeting you, and purchasing copies of your book on the 22nd.

    Paul Jones
    Golden, CO

    1. Paul, thanks so much we are very excited to share this story. In this story the magic hardhat takes kids on amazing adventures, but also a regular hardhat can take us on adventures around this great earth just as easily. The mineral industry is a great way to put on a hardhat and see the world!

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